June 21, 2009

Rain Does A Garden Good

The hydrangea bushes in my backyard are flowering! I can see them from my kitchen and it's such a pretty sight.

Isobel sits at the front door, watching the birdies and squirrels scurry around, and me gardening. I quite enjoy the audience.

The shasta daisies are finally starting to bloom! I love daisies. I love them so much I have one tattooed on me.

Found a wee little ladybug on one of the daisy buds. Aren't they good luck or something?

When I planted this garden, I had grave concerns. I love that it's proving me wrong.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love the ladybug on the bud! And how Izzy sits at the window. How sweet!


Penny said...

Gorgeous! I love hydrangea. And your cat! So cute!

Steven B said...

Wow -- these are some fantastic photos, honey! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Clementine Kitchen said...

Oh my, so lucky! I wish MY flowers were blooming as well!


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