June 23, 2009

Clementine Baby Quilt

I finally finished the Clementine baby quilt (using fabrics from the Moda Clementine collection) last night! Or the wee hours of this morning if you want to be precise. I'd actually pieced together the squares ages ago, but I left it sitting there because something didn't look quite right to me.

So after a lot of staring and pondering, I ripped out 17 squares and put in a border around the remaining 63 squares. Immediately, it looked so much better. I decided to use free motion quilting on it because it just made sense with the flowers on the print.

For the back I just used the one piece of fabric instead of piecing more bits together. I decided to use a smaller daisy print for the binding instead of the usual polka dots or stripes... quite glad I did!

I just have to wash it so it goes all nice and crinkly before I put it up for sale at my store.


Dionne said...

Oh wow, this quilt is so lovely. I am highly jealous of people like you who can make beautiful quilts like this!


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