June 1, 2009

Nature Is Overrated

Don't you love this portable picnic idea? It'd be hilarious to see the reactions of passers-by with this on your lap. A picnic that's perfect for me! I love picnics, but having to sit outdoors for any length of time usually ends with me whining and / or scratching at real or imagined bug bites. Occasionally, flailing takes place too.

Although having said this, it's my aim this summer to make myself a picnic blanket, sit / lay on it in the shady part of my backyard and read a book. If I achieve this, there shall be photographic evidence of this feat. I realise once I have kids, being outdoors is inevitable, so I'm trying to train myself to not dislike it so much. Meh, one can hope.

Anyhow, artist Paige Russell wrote a piece for Design*Sponge on a DIY Green Space Travel Case if you happen to have all of the above just lying around. It's a seriously cute idea and it reminds me of the time I wanted to buy a bunch of turf and stick it on my walls and put daisies in the turf. I'm glad I didn't because yikes.



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