June 20, 2009

Bedroom Redux Inspiration

I just love the light and airy feel of this bedroom. White isn't us at all, but it just feels so fresh!

I'm in love with the colour of the walls of this room. My studio has aqua-ish walls and I'd like to go to a very, very pale aqua with our bedroom walls. The hubs has given the green light. I love that he's not all must-have-manly-colour-or-balls-will-shrivel-up.

Perhaps I ought to just go with one wall of pale aqua and have the rest a warm white. And don't you love the quilt? Gorgeous.

This may not be everyone's taste, but this bed just makes me smile! I love the mismatched bedding and the bunting!

The reason for all this inspiration is that I've wanted for the longest time to do something with our bedroom because it doesn't have any personality. It might have a personality but it definitely isn't ours. The biggest reason for the redux is we want to bring in more light because it's quite dark and sad right now.

When we moved in, we decided not to paint it because I'd have wanted to paint the wood trim white, and to be honest, I just wasn't up to it. I'd painted the dining room and kitchen / eat-in area almost all by myself (the hubs was absolved from painting because I wanted him to concentrate on law school), and with 9-foot high ceilings, it wasn't as fun as one might imagine.

I'll most likely paint when the weather cools, sometime in the fall. Plus it'll give me plenty of time to decide what I want to do because I'm not moving that furniture again!


LeelaBijou said...

Really pretty inspirations!


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