February 22, 2009

Easily Amused

The hubs asked why I got to bed so late last night. The reason was that I was so excited about turning the heel of my first pair of socks that I couldn't put it down. I know, I'm very easily amused, and proud of it.
    But back to the knitting... I turned my first heel! By myself! Plus I had to rewrite the pattern because the one I chose to follow stopped making sense (but of course) so I had to do a bit of math.
    They're so long because they'll be knee socks when they're done. Which makes perfect sense since I hardly wear any other kind of sock, even if I'm wearing shoes and not boots. And due to my tiny ankles and feet, I had to shape the calf, so they look quite odd when not being worn. I actually started to knit the socks because my mum-in-law informed me she'd like to learn to knit socks and would I be so kind as to learn how to so I could teach her. But she's deathly afraid of knitting in the round, so wish me luck.



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