January 31, 2009

I Heart Silhouettes

Unfortunately, I live half a world away from my parents and sisters. Literally. My parents and middle sister are in Singapore, while my youngest sister is in Australia. Aunts, uncles, cousins etc are scattered everywhere.
    I saw this photograph on a House Tour on Apartment Therapy and now I really want to do a wall of silhouette portraits of my loved ones. And I have the perfect wall for it too -- one wall in the hallway from the library to the kitchen of our home has remained completely bare since we moved in a year ago. Everytime I walk by it, I feel sad for it because most of our other walls are adorned with art, photographs or my handiwork.

I've toyed with the idea of slapping a humongous mirror on it but something's always stopped me. Now I know why! One fine day I'll tackle this project. Loved ones, be warned: I'll be asking for a portrait photo sometime in the future so start practising.


Aurelia said...

I really really like this idea!


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