January 29, 2009

Farewell Dear Domino

The news is everywhere on the blogosphere. I've said it out loud to my hubs so it must be true. Its March edition will be Domino magazine's last.

Why does this always happen to things I love?

I find the perfect make-up / moisturiser / lip balm etc and then they stop making it. Why? WHY? Oh well, I'm just glad they did a feature on Zooey Deschanel in their current issue. I love her, and I was surprised (and possibly the last person) to find out that her sister is Emily Deschanel of Bones. Whom I also love.

So goodbye my dear Domino *sigh* You shall be sorely missed. I'm going to cling to Real Simple and hope like hell they don't rip that away from me too.



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