July 21, 2011

Got Pancakes?

We had a couple of friends pop by the other evening because they wanted to thank us for the quilt I'd made for the little boy they're expecting. Aww :) The husband loved it so much that he took it to work to show everyone hehe

Anyway, the wife told me her nesting phase has consisted of tonnes of baking, so I pulled out a few of my cookbooks I thought she'd be interested in, one of which was the Clinton St Baking Company cookbook.

And during all this, we left the telly on the Cooking Channel because that's usually what I watch (aside from the 'murder' channel). Lo and behold, I spot Neil Kleinberg of Clinton St Baking Company on the telly!! What are the odds?! He was making his famous pancakes, so we flipped to the recipe page and were laughing at the fact that we'd just been looking at the book and had the recipe in our hands. This went on for the entire length of the segment... quite a few minutes.

Then the hubs goes, "Oh my god honey! Could you get the recipe for those pancakes!?!" .


The man functions on some sort of delayed reaction, I think. Or is seriously deaf. Cracked us all up. Although I told everyone not to leave because the second they leave I'll have to throttle him. Just kidding. Maybe :)

Oh, and I was later told that when they got home, the wife made a batch of chocolate chip pancakes. At midnight. Can't argue with a pregnant woman!


Shannon said...

Oh great! Now I want to make pancakes! Maybe I can catch my husband before he gets home and make him stop for ingredients on the way!!


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