About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Audrie and this is where I talk about all the things I love... quilting, cooking, baking, fashion, etc. And as if I needed more things to be obsessed about, I've begun taking an interest in photography.

I enjoy randomness. I laugh at really stupid things. I have a great love for chocolate. And coffee. My personality depends on coffee. I'm super picky about music I listen to. I don't like okra. I like cookies but I love ice-cream. Birds frighten me. I wish they didn't so I could have chickens and fresh eggs. Who am I kidding? I'd never own chickens even if they didn't frighten me.

I'm married to a sweet man I refer to as "the hubs", and I often post our inane conversations for all the world to see. We share our home with our beautiful Ragdoll girls, Matilda and Isobel.

I grew up in Singapore and Australia, and now live in the States. I'm a city girl, now living in the sticks. The hubs insists it's not the sticks, but when there's sheep, cows and cornfields down the street, it's the sticks a town that's mid-way between a town and a city. Muuuuuuch better :)

I run an Etsy store that sells ready-made quilts and patterns, and also work and teach quilting at my LQS. In a previous life I was a Public Relations executive and journalist, but this life suits me a whole lot better. Now if only I could move it to a city...


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