July 21, 2011

Old Friend, We Meet Again

I was watching TV last night, sewing my hexies together, and I happened to look up as this Shell ad played. I'd seen / heard it many, many times before, but I never actually paid attention to it.

That fellow 'Kim'? He's my friend Niki. I e-mailed him the second I saw the ad -- "Did I just see you on my TV?! In a Shell ad?!".

Niki and I met over a decade ago, studying journalism at university in Australia. We were kindred spirits right from the get-go, and even though we both moved away (he returned to Malaysia) and speak very sporadically, he's still very dear to me. We pick up our conversations via e-mail like we'd just seen each other yesterday :) And to this day he calls me his bwitch (It's a mash-up of bitch and witch... and supposedly affectionate...).

I'm so glad I looked up at the screen. It was nice to see my old friend again :)


Niki said...

Hey Bwitch! :P

Has it really been 10 years? Geeeezzz ...


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