February 10, 2015

Another Picture, Another Pillow

I need to stop poking around Pinterest. Serious time suckage.

This time, I saw this picture (4th one down) and decided I needed to make that pillow because it'd look pretty on my cornflower blue armchair.

Insert heart eyes :)

The solids are a mix of probably Kona, Moda Bella and RJR... I'd tell you the names but since I pulled them out of a scrap pile, chances are very slim. The black is Alexander Henry Heath, that I know! I threw that one in for something a little different, and I find solid black can be very severe in my house.

Oh and just in case you'd like to know how we're doing with the blasted snow...

That's what the sliding door to the back deck looks like. Great, huh?

And this is the window in the library.

There's more coming in a few days. We're just thrilled beyond words.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Very nice. Lovethe colors.


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