June 24, 2014

Summer Has Landed

Not being a huge fan of summer, I have to concentrate on the good bits. Like fresh strawberries picked by friends and gifted to us the very same day. This thing should have smell-a-vision, because holy hell, they smell glorious. 

I thought I'd killed the petunias because I'm horrendous with plants. What had happened was all the blooms decided to go byebye at once, so I assumed I'll done something wrong and they were dead. But then here they are, blooming and being all pretty :) Sigh.

Perhaps I should've planted more... but that's for next summer. I'm done planting. Touching soil once a year is more than enough for this chick. 

The marigolds are blooming too :) Although I'm very upset at the bird who decided to shit on them. Thanks bird. Thanks a lot.

Mmmm salvia :) Love the purple against the green! 

The bestest thing was finding more eggs in the little nest!!! All the baby birds had flown away a couple of weeks ago, and we just popped our heads in to see if it was indeed still empty, only to find FOUR little eggs in there!!! Does anyone know if it's the same mama bird or has this become a rental property? Hehe Either way, we have more baby birds to look forward to! They'd better not shit on my flowers...


Dottie's Daughter said...

If you pick off the wilted flowers from the petunias, they will bloom all summer.

mascanlon said...

Yep, deadhead those petunias...it's like clipping all the threads....and you'll get wave after wave of blooms. (I am with you on the dirt, luckily my DH loves to garden)


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