May 12, 2014

Robin's Nest

We spotted a nest in the tree right off the side of our front porch. Well, when I say we, I mean the hubs since I can't actually see the nest. The stupid nest is higher than my eyes will go :/ I jumped as much as I could but jumping + photo-taking = nope.

But do you see it? I don't know how the hubs saw it through the branches because the dude can't see things that are right in front of him hehe

So I handed the hubs my iPhone and had him take the picture of the nest and eggs! (Dude needs to do some focusing!!! LOL!) There's apparently another one that's hidden, so six altogether! She's been a busy little momma bird because a few days ago, she only had one! How pretty does that look!!

You'll have to excuse my excitement because having grown up in the city, I don't really see things like that. Especially not beautiful robin's eggs that are a gorgeous pale blue. We did see a nest with one egg at our old house but for some reason, that momma bird pushed her nest over and the poor egg tipped right onto the ground :( 

I'm going to have the hubs take proper pictures with my camera because he told me he spied a little crack in one of the eggs, so perhaps they're starting to hatch!! We're trying not to poke around too much because we don't want to scare momma bird and make her think we're up to no good. Just want to make sure the little birdies are doing alright! 

And speaking of mommas, I hope my Mum had a lovely Mother's Day :) My sisters and I divided up responsibilities... they got her pressies and I got her flowers. Divide and conquer! Brownie points for life! I got her this colourful bouquet, and according to my sister it was so giant she almost dropped it. Oops. But Mum was thrilled, so we're happy girls :) Happy Mother's Day, Mum... we love you much! xo


mascanlon said...

Gorgeous blue color. We don't get robins in SoCal so I have to depend on photos to see this. and the flowers are so pretty, Mum must be very happy!

liz said...

Sweet! TFS, It's been a long time since I've seen robin's nest and eggs. The color is gorgeous IRL!

Sandra said...

Momma bird will be very wary. The eggs (usually one laid each day)hatch at around 14 days. If the momma feels threatened by your presence, she will desert the nest and not return. Once the birds are born they are fed almost constantly 30-40 times a day until they are ready to leave. Do not disturb the nest even after they have all gone, Robins have been known to "return home" a couple of times during the year. Have fun bird watching!!!

Lynn said...

My mom has a new chipping sparrow nest in her clothespin bag outside her backdoor--can't wait to see the new family. She won't be hanging any laundry on the clothesline for a while ;) And ohmygoodness, those flowers--gorgeous!


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