May 27, 2014

A Quilt For Munay

Remember the quilt I made for Ozzy? Well he has a little cousin called Munay, and I made her a quilt too! 

I asked her momma what she'd like, and she said make whatever, and use as many bright colours as I'd like. Woohoo! My kind of quilt! I raided my Kona stash and pulled a few things. I'd tell you colours but I have no clue. I'm sure the dark pink is Pomegranate, and the orangey-red is Tangerine. Aside from that, no idea at all. I'm very organised, I know.

This quilt was incredibly fun to make, and each shoofly block finished at 15", so it came together really quickly. 

The backing is a cotton from Ikea that I just adore, and I thought it was perfect for some girliness since the top was all solid. The binding is a grey and white dot, and I stuck a bit of DS dots in there too.

Munay's grandmother has it right now so hopefully it'll find its way to Brooklyn very soon so Munay will finally have her quilt! :)


RobotMomSews said...

Super cute!! I love that backing fabric, goes perfect with the solids!

mascanlon said...

Beautiful and a clever reversal...often the prints on front and solids on the back!!

CitricSugar said...

You are nailing the bright and not babyish baby/kid quilts lately. Love the scale of those blocks.


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