March 26, 2014

Shake Shack

The poor hubs had never been to Shake Shack, so when he took the day off on Monday, we thought it'd be a perfect place to have lunch. 

See the little burger between the hot dog and the double bacon cheeseburger? That one's mine. The hubs ordered enough for an army, but he finished it all! Very impressive, and slightly frightening hehe!

I've always liked their burgers because of the pillowy potato bun they use. It's almost difficult to get a burger wrong, but when you get it this right, it's the stuff dreams are made of. They need to open a branch in our town, please. Or not. Maybe it's best they not.

But really, they should.

They're known for their frozen custards, affectionally known as concrete, that are just delicious. The consistency is much like a very thick gelato or turkish ice cream... Mmmmm gorgeous.

Oh Shake Shack, I do love you so. And the hubs would like you to be his mistress. Which I'm totally okay with.

(They're not paying me to say these things... although if they wanted to, they can pay me in burgers. Because I can be bought with food.)


Tamie said...

I haven't eaten dinner and now I would need to take a major road trip to visit Shake Shack. Darn.

Janet M said...

You are too funny! I am smiling after a stressful day - thank you!

Sarah McCoy Photography said...

Try Burger Fi (in Manchester or Simsbury). Their burgers are good and their concretes are great!

Dee said...

The humor and humility in this post is one of the reasons I like you!

Phyllis said...

Oh yessss!!! I have been to the Shake Shack in NY 2 years ago when we were there, we were only there for a few days, but decided to go twice, the burgers were that good. And much to my surprise they have a place in London as well now, at Covent Garden, we had lunch there in January, the burgers are equally good, I can recommend them!


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