November 6, 2013

Quilt For Anaïs

Isn't this the cutest? My friend Becca asked if I'd make her new niece Anaïs a little quilt to match her room that had teddy bears on the wallpaper. We searched forever, and couldn't find anything that looked like the bears! How could that be?!?! So much hair-tearing-out! Anyway, I finally decided that we ought to use the colours of Anaïs's room and applique a little bear beside her name!

I'm not the best at applique so it always makes me sweat a little when I have to. I always think I'm going to screw it up and place things waaaaay off. (Full disclosure: I had to redo 'n' and 's' because I might've cut them out reversed. Ahem.) Also, I found out once more that I cannot draw. Thank goodness someone had the presence of mind to post a silhouette of a bear online. Super fail.

It's been ages since I've FMQ'd but I thought it'd look best on this quilt. It's like riding a bike... Or so I'm told... I don't know how to ride a bike... no girls in my family can ride one. I always pray I'm never in a situation where my only escape is a bicycle. Yup.

I used a pink and cream for the backing, and sewed them into giant stripes to match the giant log cabin courthouse step (Thanks for the correction Nini... my brain must've been asleep!). So cute :)

So this little quilt is off to LA then France to baby Anaïs :)


CitricSugar said...

Very cute - and how cool a name is Anais?

Your quilts travel almost as much as you do. :-)

mascanlon said...

Love the impact from the big log cabin!! Anais is one lucky girl!

Rebeca said...

Lindo! E adorei as cores que você escolheu.

Nini said...

Ummm, not to be a "Quilt Police" type of person, but isn't that a court house steps block? I know it's not a log cabin, but it's close. Sorry to be a nay sayer.


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