September 4, 2013

Modern Neutrals Blog Tour!!

Welcome to my stop on the Modern Neutrals Blog Tour!!! 

I was thrilled when Amy asked me to be a part of her blog tour, but even more thrilled when months and months ago, she asked if I'd do her a favour and piece a quilt for her upcoming book. Umm. YES. Always yes.

Modern Neutrals is packed with gorgeous quilts made from neutral fabric. As much as I love a punch of colour, I think the beauty of neutrals is that you can actually see the quilt for what it is. The pattern, the detail, and how much love (and time, let's not forget time) went into it.

I love how graphic most of the quilts are, and the lovely clean lines. Amy talks about the inspiration for each of her quilts, and even provides tips you can use to help you along. But the best part is that for many of the quilts, she has included sizing options so you can make the quilt bigger or smaller etc. I can't tell you how many times a customer at work has come up to me with a queen size quilt pattern and asked me to figure out what they'd need for a baby quilt size. *Blink blink*

One of my absolute favourites in the book is Piked Peaks on page 64. I adore flying geese quilts, and this one is just so different. I love how the background changes, and gives it such amazing flow. I could stare at it for ages. So, so good.

And of course another favourite is Placid Curves on page 31 since I pieced it! Isn't that just lovely to look at? It flows and bends and makes your eyes all twirly :) I could start to see it as I was sewing the blocks, but when I finished and laid it out, it's just breathtaking.

I believe before Amy sent over the fabric, she informed me that I'd be working with linen. And then I threw up in my mouth a little. Not really. Well, just the tiniest bit :) It's not that I don't enjoy working with linen... it just requires a slightly different approach. To make the linen behave and lay flat, lots and LOTS of steam action. I mean you have to feel like you're in a sauna. And equally important is what thread you use! I used my favourite thread to sew and quilt with, Aurifil 50 wt. The Aurifil is thin yet strong, which is perfect for such a project where you know you'll be losing a bit of fabric whenever you iron your seams open.

Just FYI, I haven't worked with linens since. Amy, you scarred me. Just kidding. Expect a therapist's bill though...

So, down to business. Want to win a copy of Modern Neutrals? Go to each of the stops on the Modern Neutrals Blog Tour where each of us will provide you an answer to a question. At the end of the tour, fill out this form and you can stand to win one of ten copies!

For the entire blog tour schedule, hop on over to Amy's blog! Good luck!


Merran said...

Thanks you for saying what I needed to hear about linen, Im in the process of making my first quilt with it as my base fabric and feel like a beginner again, I thought it was me now I know it was you, Linen!
Thats said, I think that is one amazing quilt and might have to attempt it one day - in cotton!

ChristaQuilts said...

Placid curves was one of my favorites, too! In fact I'm featuring it on my stop on the tour :-) Well done - even in linen!!

craftytammie said...

That quilt is awesome!! I can only imagine how the linen texture feels, although I don't envy you making that :)

Unknown said...

I just finished a table runner with linen and just love the look and feel. Thanks for the review

Needled Mom said...

I think the Piked Peaks is also one of my faborites in the book.

Sharon said...

That placid curves quilt is really neat. Very creative design


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