June 19, 2013


- We were flicking through channels over the weekend and I landed on the Miss USA pageant. 
Hubs: "You can leave the room now."
Me: *Ignoring* "I bet this would be more awesome to watch with the sound off, huh?"
Hubs: "You got it."
(I didn't realise till yesterday that Miss Connecticut won. Yay?)

- I can't stop making courthouse steps. I've got a problem, you guys. First the cream quilt, now this one out of DS prints, and I'm contemplating a new bed quilt for us... Help? No, don't help, they're awesome and fun to make.

- People need to stop using the word 'literally' wrongly. It figuratively makes my head explode.

- There's a disgusting haze cloaking my homeland Singapore right now. I told my dad to stay indoors or wear a mask (I told if him if he did, please take pictures heehee!) if he had to go outside. It's really horrid... all my friends back home are complaining about the haze and I feel like a jerk complaining about all the rain we've been getting.

- Also, when we visited Singapore, I brought my dad some chocolate almonds because I thought he might like them. He texted me to ask how many bottles of it I'd brought because he was convinced my sister stole one! Hahaha! Had I known he'd love it that much, I'd have brought an entire case!

- I can't stop watching the train wreck that is Tattoo Nightmares. The clients are SO dumb. Seriously, they should be sterilised.

- Oh please please please let there be a Neverwhere movie with Benedict Cumberbatch in it. Oh PLEASE!!!


MaterialGirlQuilts said...

I love your courthouse steps quilt! I made one in batiks a year or so ago and adore it :) Dont' stop!

Carla said...

Isn't it fabulous. Looks like it could be a great stash buster!

Sarah said...

Courthouse steps are never a problem! They look really delicate and lovely.
We have issues with 'actually' in our house but I have came across blatant and wanton misuse of 'literally' at work, it makes me rather mad too.
Finally I could go either way on Neverwhere film, love the book to bits, even the tv series wasn't too bad but who would play Door?

Andrea said...

Very beautiful! I've been wanting to try this pattern. Am also eyeing your design wall - how exactly is that rigged? I'm working on one of my own right now that involves nails & skirt hangers, but am trying to do as little damage to my wall as possible.

mascanlon said...

How now I don't know which I like better...oh wait neither one is for me so I guess I can love them both!

Marianne said...

Tattoo nightmares sounds like my kind of show! Love the courthouse steps!

sukie said...

Will you make me a courthouse quilt? ha! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Courthouse steps. Mary Ellen Hopkins Log Cabin book cover. Many years ago I made it and showed it to her at a talk she gave locally. She looked a little shocked because I used scraps of a similar tone to the original. She then recovered herself a bit to remark that the "logs" were too wide. She had made hers 3/4" finished. Dreamy. It turns out great with 1" finished, but soon I will make one 3/4" as well. It is one of my favorites still.

Speaking of Tatoo Nightmares and people not using their head. Caught a few minutes of Dr. Phil and watched in amazement as a woman claimed to visit her mother (who happened to kill her siblings many years ago). To top it off she took her toddler along and let him nap in the next room. What the #?$?^?*?@? Oh my goodness. No one could have less common sense than refreshing such a relationship. Run away, I say. I quickly switched the channel.

Stephanie said...

Hey There. Nice quilt! I am impressed by that design wall you have going on there. Is that just *oh-my-goodness-my-mind-is-blanking-on-the-term*, you know, that good stuff that goes between the quilts? I wish I had a large wall for a permanent design wall, but alas, a temporary fix I must find. Thanks in advance!

Stephanie said...

Hey there. Nice quilt! I like your design wall too. Is that just batting that you are using as a design wall? Do the blocks stick well to that? Thanks in advance!


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