February 6, 2013

Tango Mango Quilt

I made another Tango Mango quilt! I can't stop making them! They're almost like a palette cleanser to me haha! Sometimes in between a project I need something like that to give me time to mull over what I want to do for the next quilt. 

I still love these colours together... But I think for my next one, I'll do something different with them. I don't want to get tired of triangles! God forbid!

This time, instead of Kona Ash, I used Aqua instead. Sort of brightens it up a little, no?

The quilt is currently listed in the shop SOLD.

Oh! And before I forget (again), I've got a little Blogger Bundle inspired by this quilt at Pink Castle Fabrics for you to purchase!


randi--i have to say said...

Very pretty! I LOVE the colors you chose!

Anna said...

I love the title! Brilliant! The colours are gorgeous and I love the backing!

Carla said...

Another beauty and oh that binding!


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