January 17, 2013

New York, New York: Part 2

More pictures from New York.

We seemed to spend a lot of time in the East Village / West Village / SoHo / NoHo area this time. I think that's my favourite area in Manhattan... Chelsea comes a close second. 

While waiting for St. Mark's Bookstore to open, we found a cheese shop, and the hubs was close to tears because he couldn't buy a brick of cheese like he normally would. 

And La Columbe... ahhhh the coffee is so good. We went to Stumptown... got there about two minutes after closing. Bah. 

Rows of yellow ribbons tied to fence at a church. I hope these are names of soldiers who are at war and have loved ones praying for their safety instead of names of soldiers we've lost. Either way, that's too many ribbons.

If you want to see Part 1, you can find it here.


Elsa said...

Love your photos ~ I live in Stumptown! Well, really Portland, Oregon ~ Stumptown is a nickname. That coffee is the best!


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