November 8, 2012

Snow In November

A week after Sandy, we had another storm. A nor'easter. I panicked because last year we had one around this time and we lost power for over a week. Thankfully it wasn't much more than a few inches of snow, and because the leaves had fallen off the trees, it didn't wreak havoc. 

This was yesterday, while it was snowing. I'm sick, so I really shouldn't have gone outside, but I couldn't help it.

Not sure how many inches we got total, but it looks like it's starting to melt. While I'm not fond of the snow, it does look pretty. Although this morning the hubs had to snow blow, and he was not pleased.

While we're all okay, I wonder about all those people who still have no power or heat since Sandy. I know a little of what that feels like. Last year, while the power was out, we had no water or heat. I never thought I'd see my own breath inside my house, but the temperature indoors dipped below freezing and it was so cold, especially at night. I wore layer upon layer and still I was freezing. Horrible.

I just hope there's no more terrible weather in store for the east coast. Those poor people have suffered enough.


Sewing Geek said...

My friends on Long Island had their basement filled with water. She has a 4 month old baby and had to evacuate while her husband stayed behind. Their foundation cracked, their boiler, hot water heater, washer and dryer (not to mention everything else in the basement) is gone. They are lucky to have jobs and insurance but they will be out of their house for quite awhile. It is heart-breaking. So many people in similar situations. I'm glad you are OK. (oh, her fabric is all gone but her 3 sewing machines were upstairs and are OK)

Unknown said...

Oh, I miss snow! Love love love your pictures! Down where I am (SC) we're lucky if we see any in the sky all winter, let alone if it sticks to the ground. Hope you enjoyed it through your windows, and that you feel better soon!

CitricSugar said...

Feel better!

We've had three days of pretty constant snow but we didn't have a hurricane and most folks around here have a warm place to stay. I hold my breath everytime I hear "another storm"...


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