November 3, 2012


- Last week, Amy from nana Company came into the store and I just had to ask if it was her. I didn't know for sure because she's on the west coast, but it was her! Go figure! She even blogged about it haha! It's always weird (but SO fun!) to be recognised, so I fully understand why she was taken aback.

- In preparation for the storm, we filled one of the bathtubs with water. After the storm, the hubs flung open the bathroom door, forgetting that the tub was full. We heard a loud ruckus and then had a drenched cat running through the house. Curiosity did kill the cat, didn't it???

- My house was extremely tidy and clean before the storm hit. I can't sit still when I'm stressed, so I kept doing laundry, washing sheets and towels, and cleaning the house. It's like when I had final exams, my apartment was always sparkling clean.

- I'm completely and utterly obsessed with this quilt. Four-patches! So simple! I think it's mostly the colours and prints of the fabric, but I can't stop looking at it to the point that I had to save a copy to my desktop. And you know I've already started cutting for this :)

- My dad is doing brilliantly. I'm so grateful for all your well wishes... you cannot imagine what it means to me that you guys care. Seriously. He's up and about, eating and talking (in our family, that's the two things we do best so it's not really that surprising...) so I'm beyond relieved.

- Remember the triangle quilt I made in April that started popping up on Pinterest? (I'm still in shock, by the way.) Anyway, I've been getting emails since I made it and have had to turn down people because I no longer do customs. Well, I've made a few of them (all identical) and will list them in my shop early next week. I'll do a shop update on here and link, so you'll be able to find it easily.

- The hubs and I have decided to give the triangle quilt an actual name. The Tango Mango Quilt. It was originally Creamsicle but then looking at it again, the oranges aren't very creamsicle-ish.

- Now I want a creamsicle.

Picture is from here.


erica said...

I love that quilt, I have a similar one saved to my desktop too :) Also, love the name mango tango...very appropriate! I'm sure your quilts will sell out soon, they are absolutely gorgeous!

Vicki said...

I'm spamming your comments... I saw that quilt on pinterest too and I love the colors. Then I remembered I made a 4 patch quilt just like that one (only different colors) for my niece, look:

And I'm glad your dad is doing well and I love the triangle quilt. I have a newish triangle ruler and might copy you on that one. If I ever finish a bunch of the UFOs laying around here first.

CitricSugar said...

Glad to hear you weathered the storm okay and that your dad is on the mend! Sorry to hear the cat had such an unfortunate experience.

And it's cool she blogged about you recognizing her. :-)

mascanlon said...

Love that quilt, looks like just the thing for the pile of Liberty FQs I gave into!
Glad your Dad is doing well, even more stressful being far away.
And I went and checked out the blogger, a new to me, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Bet you didn't know you'd trigger a food craving - my favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkok Bay in Redwood City, Calif., has a dish called Tango Mango! Now it will have a quilt association in my mind - yum.

amy smart said...

That is so funny you met Amy (another one!) of Nanacompany. What are the odds?

You are welcome to come clean my house anytime. ;) Just saying...

Jessie Fincham said...

oh wow I love that quilt too, thanks so much for sharing!! and how funny you saw Amy from nanacompany hehe! such a small quilty, blogging world!


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