October 4, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad!

My parents celebrate 37 years of marriage today. Yikes. I don't know when this picture was taken, but aren't they so cute??? They're smiling and look happy... so this is probably before they got married? HAH. I'm funny.

(Cringing at the pack of ciggies. So glad Dad stopped smoking. Dude was a two-pack-a-day-er. Gross.)

Happy anniversary you two :) I love you both dearly and I miss you even more.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Mum & Dad! Would love to see how they look today.

kat129 said...

What a fantastic picture! Instagram, right? HA! Just kidding. Congrats to them.

Cindy said...

They do make a cute couple!! Congratulations to them!!:)

Donna said...

Coca-Cola and 37 years of marriage...The Real Thing. Happy anniversary to your Mum & Dad!


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