July 8, 2012


Yesterday, my sister professed her love for Instagram. I really, really love it too. It makes sharing things so easy, it's got an entire community on there, and it's just hilarious fun. It does make blogging about stuff redundant at times, but since when has that stopped me?

This bunch of photos are called Pictures Featuring My Left Hand...

I was ironing the hub's shirt and I found an almond in his shirt pocket. His response? "Oh. So that's where it went." Good grief.

One of the hydrangea flowers from the garden. The hubs had trimmed the bushes and chopped this one off with about half an inch of stem left, so I had to float it in a bowl. It's still looking good, actually!

Giant blueberry. 'Nuf said.

Mutant cherry. It's either giving birth or has a giant hemorrhoid. 

The first salad I made with the grape tomatoes from my garden!!! I was grinning while eating. Not advisable.

Blueberry buckle I made with some vanilla ice cream. So good.

Prawn / shrimp salad I made one evening when I was completely out of ideas.

Bunless burger (it's messy but kind of fun to eat), a hot dog and coleslaw... summer eats :)

And of course, the cats. Sometimes I want to squish them into a ball and carry them in my pockets. But I won't. For now.


Sandra said...

lol. The picture of the cherry; we had one of those in the staffroom the other day; the (mainly) female staff decided the cherry was growing a p*nis!!


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