April 17, 2012

Last Sunday

We spent Sunday in Northampton, and this time with my MIL. We hadn't hung out with her just the three of us for ages, so I'm glad we did :) We had Mexican for lunch, found a new bubble tea place and did a lot of walking around. The hubs pretty much went off into every bookshop there was, and I shopped with my MIL... So everyone was happy :)

By the way, that's the hubs and his mum in the background of the pansy picture. It's the only way I can take a picture of the woman. She always pulls some Matrix shit whenever there's a camera around so it's almost impossible to take a picture of her not scowling. My mum's kind of the same way, as am I... which is probably why I'm the photographer :)

And to make a great day even better, I came home to find the tulips blooming!!! How pretty are they! I never tire of how gorgeous these ones are by my mailbox. I LOVE tulips :)


Shanna said...

Gorgeous photos! How on earth do you get the colors so vibrant?? I would love to know your secret :o)

Kara said...

LOVE the pictures!!! The tulips look so real I kinda want to snatch some. :) PS: Where is Northampton?

Shanea said...

What great pictures! The MIL matrix line is classic, love it!

Carla said...

I love your blog. Do you ever have a boring day ?
Happy Birthday to you


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