March 16, 2012

Spring Is On Its Way!

Look what I spied in the front yard yesterday afternoon! Plants! Sprouting! Almost makes up for the hour of 'lost' sleep this past weekend. I'm still upset about it. Obviously.

Speaking of spring, I made a quilt with spring colours... bright yellows, greens, pinks and blues. 

It's the Chopsticks pattern by Julie, and I'll be teaching it next month at my work. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and I can't stress enough what a great pattern it is. Julie did a brilliant job of writing it, and it was fun to do something different with my 60 degree ruler. The quilt's with my boss / long armer, Laura right now so I'll show you when it's all done! :)


mascanlon said...

Lovely! I have been urging Julie to teach it "way out West" for those of us near the beach!

Snoodles said...

Just popped over from Amy's Creative your quilts! Those spring colors are great!

Heidi said...

Coming from Amy, too. Love the colors and patterns you choose.
And now I found a new quilt shop to visit when I'm in CT :-)


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