March 20, 2012

Randomness In Pictures

Here's some randomness for your viewing pleasure...

Pretty, pretty solids. Shannon came over and almost squealed at the sight of them haha There's no question why we're friends :)

The hubs had breakfast with an acquaintance and his wife over the weekend, and he came home with these lovely flowers from them :) So sweet! I had to cut the tulip stems way down because they kept drooping over the sides of the vase.

Daffodils! In the backyard! So pretty :)

Izzy continues to be cute and cross-eyed.



Britt ( said...

Did you try putting a penny in the vase with the tulips? It works well for me. Keeps those flowers from being all droopy

Dalya said...

Those solids are so pretty and so is your kitty!

Mystica said...

Those solids are yummy.


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