March 8, 2012


The teenager in me is squealing with delight. New. Garbage. Album. This Spring. EEP! If I could do a cartwheel without throwing my back out, I so totally would do it. But I can't. So you'll just have to imagine it.

I was at their very last gig in Perth, Australia years ago. It was bittersweet... Them saying goodbye indefinitely, but then also being able to see them for what may have been the last time ever. It's been seven long years... I can't wait :)

If they come this way I'll have to bribe the hubs to go with me. Or worse... I'll have to go with him to one of his gigs because apparently marriage is about compromise or some such crap. Pffft.


Meg said...

So cool! I was a HUGE Garbage fan back in college--this is going to be so exciting! BTW, if your hubs isn't interested, you and I can go together! :D Compromise is for sissies!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

New album? How cool!

Compromise? What now??

S x

Carole said...

Wow, Garbage are still around ??? I used to watch their video clips on the MTV from the good old days in 1994... seems like an eternity ago.

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo! I LOVE Garbage. How exciting!


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