February 20, 2012

DS Improvisational Patchwork Workshop

Last Saturday, I attended Denyse's Improvisational Patchwork class with Shannon and we had LOADS of fun! We returned completely enthused and heads filled with wonderful ideas. 

Here's Denyse discussing our first lot of blocks. Mine's the block on top, in the middle. And just because I dislike brown, the quilt gods kept sending brown my way. Not nice!

Here's our second lot of blocks on the wall next to the first lot. Mine's smack dab in the middle, the one with a large chunk of mellow yellow.

These are my blocks from the second half of the class where I attempted to completely surrender to the improv-ness. So much wonky goodness. I don't know that I love my blocks completely, but I do know they'll be made into something that I'll keep for always! I was thinking of making a wall hanging with all my blocks instead of expanding on them... what do you think? I've got a dowel sitting on the dining table. It's like kismet, no? 

Here's Shannon's blocks. I'm in love! She brought along an orange fabric from the City Weekend collection and I think it looks perfect in the blocks!

And for some eye candy, don't you just want to pick up this little shelf and run off with it??? So much pretty on it!

And you bet your ass I went home with a bundle of Flea Market Fancy :)

I had lots of fun, learned a lot and met many lovely new people. I'm so glad that I waited till now to attend the workshop because Shannon was a perfect workshop partner :) Now we're toying with the idea of attending the advanced improv workshop. HEEHEE!


Chris said...

Fun weekend! I'm jealous.

randi--i have to say said...

oh gosh, i am sure this workshop was wonderful! so much inspiration!

Debbie said...

oh that looks like so much fun! Glad you had such a great opportunity!

Cascade Quilts said...

oh, I can't believe you got a bundle of FMF! EEEK! I have a pre-order in for a full-yard bundle of the entire collection. I waited until JUST the right deal and got it for 20% off. $160 for 21 yards, double EEEEK! That's only $7.62/yard! Now, I'm chomping at the bit for it's arrival at the quilt shop for them to send it to me! :)

Amy Gibson said...

JEALOUS!!!! What a dream to meet Denyse, and take home that FMF already! Enjoy!

CitricSugar said...

How fun! What a totally cool thing to do! Someday, I'm going to have to take a quilting workshop. Unfortunately, most people that we get around here are more traditional quilting types and not the modern quilters I tend to be drawn to. Probably have to travel, eh?

Dalya said...

I love the look of those blocks! So beautiful and rustic. Reminds me of those old homemade quilts ;D
So jealous! I love Schdmit's fabric and style!
Lol, I'd so run off with that cart screaming "It's mine..ALL MINE! MWAHAHA"!


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