December 24, 2011

Merry Happy Everything

It's almost Christmas! Can you stand it? Is everyone all shopped out and completely sick of crowds? I sure am. Made the mistake of running errands late yesterday afternoon and had to stop myself from stabbing idiots. I'm so cheery, aren't I?

When I was a kid, my Mum would hang Christmas cards like this, so I did the same and I think of her every time I look at the mantel now. (Also, her picture's on there so it's kind of difficult not to think of her...) I love all the cards we get from new parents especially because there's pictures of the cute babies! My cousin's son Dylan takes centrestage on the string of cards... isn't he so damn cute???

And on the mantel there's another cousin's baby named Sophie. Her cheeks are absolutely ridiculous. There's Jacob to her left, son of our friends here in CT, and he's one of the happiest babies I've ever met.

Our teeny tiny tree and the cute little snowman my sister Averil sent us. Adorable!

These pizzelles from a customer at the shop are SO GOOD. I'm ashamed to say that half are now gone. I know. I suck. But I don't really care. I got pizzelles in mah tummy!!!

And just because it's a religious time for a lot of folks, the church near our house and the pretty, pretty sky yesterday.

I wish everyone a merry, happy *insert holiday of choice*. Spend the day with your family, eat lots of good things, and have fun! :)


Chris said...

Merry Christmas Audrie to you and yours.

mascanlon said...

Hope it was a wonderful day full of happy surprises, family, friends. laughter and of course food...well we really mean sugar in all its glorious holiday forms.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!! How did she make that snowman? It is awesome.


Audrie said...

@Lea: She didn't make the snowman... she wishes she were that clever hehe


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