December 14, 2011

Life According To Instagram

Some pictures I took with Instagram...

My sister Aurelia decided that each sister needed a Domo dressed as a dino. Looks like an army of Domos...

A quilt label we sell at the shop that I think I need to sew onto myself.

Sunsets... because I love them so.

I take really terrible daily outfit pictures that aren't even daily. Also, I dress super boring.

I got back into cross-stitching... A gnome for my sister Aurelia, and a ladybug bear for me! 

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas :)

Clockwise: The care package from my family in Singapore, a holly bush I saw, sending out Christmas cards; and a poinsettia a customer brought into the shop.

And as always, snuggling with the kitties. There's actually many, MANY more kitty pictures. I'll spare you. You're welcome.



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