December 20, 2011

December = Stressfest

I can finally relax. The Christmas orders, pressies etc are all done. (Well I still might make something for my MIL... We shall see!)

I've taken on a little less this Christmas season than I have in years past, but it still feels like all November and December it's just stress, stress, stress. I'm debating not taking Christmas orders at all next year... why make things more hectic for myself, right? The bottom line is that I don't want to wake up one day and not enjoy quilting anymore. 

I'm wondering if I should stop taking orders for a while and go back to just making quilts for my Etsy store. That poor little store's been so ignored this year. This is probably as close to a resolution as it'll get for me hehe 

Anyway I'm just going to relax and enjoy Christmas. I attempted Christmas shopping with the hubs for the in-laws. We ended up buying crap for ourselves. We're terrible people. 

Is everyone all done with holiday shopping? And Christmas baking? Because I'm not. And if you are, then thpppppppt!

(The picture has nothing to do with this post. This was taken down the street from my house and I just love how the sky looks.)


CitricSugar said...

Don't worry - I still have sewing to do so you are ahead of me. :-)

Jules said...

i still have sewing to finish! and all i want to do is shop for myself, hehe. merry xmas! and a happy new year xoxo

Meg said...

You're not alone, Audrie! I have a quilt and two pillows to finish in the next...4 days?? /facepalm Most of my wrapping and baking is done, which is a relief, so now it's just baking the hubs's birthday cake (he's a Christmas Eve baby) and a batch of gluten-free cookies for my father-in-law. And cooking a goose for 8 people Christmas day isn't stressful at all, right??

Hope yours is Merry and Happy!

Sandra said...

Ha. I am SO not done. Most of my pressies are NOT wrapped, my baking has been done by my SIL,because I try to order only minimum amounts (the more there is in the house, the more I eat). We have the gifts (every year I wonder if we've bought enough and then after New Year and we have to find places for all that stuff in the house....)
Merry, merry Christmas!


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