November 23, 2011

Backyard Stroll

I took a stroll in the backyard today because I love this time of year. The leaves have all turned and are almost done falling, and there's a chill in the air but it's not too cold yet. Well, depends on who you ask :) I love the colder weather... till it gets to winter and then I toy with the idea of sitting in an oven.

I love this stack of firewood the hubs cut up from all the fallen tree limbs from the October Nor'easter. Prettiest thing to come out of that stupid frickin' storm. Don't mind me... I'm still bitter.

Those benches and chairs sit at the very back of our yard but we've never sat in them. See, I'm OCD about dirt... touching it, being near it, knowing it's there... *shudder* Yes, I'm neurotic but it's part of my charm :)


Poor tree :( That one just snapped right in half and just looks so sad without its top half. I'm hoping there'll be buds on it next spring...can that happen? Fingers crossed!

I hope those travelling on the roads to get home for Thanksgiving stay safe, especially with this wet weather. And make sure you packed your stretchy pants :)


Sandra said...

Awesome pics, did you not get any of this snow that landed on us in Atlantic Canada today....I can send you some if you'd like some.....

CitricSugar said...

The shot with the benches almost looks like a miniature. Reminds me of children's books I had that used clay figures and photography instead of drawing for the pictures... Cool beans.

joe tulips said...

You must not hear it....the benches and chairs are saying, "we need a fire pit in the middle of us. A place to use all that beautiful cut wood!"


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