October 27, 2011

Mother Nature's Welcome

We're back from Brooklyn! My feet are still sore from all the walking we did while we were there. Seriously, like six miles a day on average. Yikes. 

But it seems that we got home right on time because IT IS SNOWING.

I'm on the couch and I hear the hubs shouting something about there being snow on the ground.

It is snowing. IN OCTOBER. Umm. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?! This is beyond crazy!

In other news, I took a buttload of photos so the next few posts are going to feel like you're visiting a relative after they've been on vacation and you are forced to sit and flick through their photographs.


CitricSugar said...

LOL. That IS crazy. We don't even have snow HERE. I remember many a Halloween wandering around in a costume built big enough to go over ski-pants....


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