October 22, 2011

Flickr Favourites: The Bicycle Edition

1. bicycle, bicycle, i want to ride my bicycle...!, 2. bicycle, bicycle, 3. Bicycle | Royal Street, New Orleans, 4. Bicycle mural, 5. Vintage Bicycle Paris Street, 6. Bicycle Spring, 7. IInd glasgow vintage bicycle club ride.....just me and my pal neil, 8. 69 Raleigh Supercourse, 9. Bicycle Shadow

I have a confession to make. I love bicycles or anything with a bicycle print / illustration but I can't ride a bicycle. Yes, I'm Chinese and I cannot ride a damn bicycle. Neither can my sisters or Mum. They might as well just revoke our membership.

I did try when I was a kid. My Dad tried to teach me but I kept falling off, scraping my legs, and screaming bloody murder. In my defense, he used an adult mountain bike to teach me. I couldn't even get up on the thing without him lifting me. I don't even know if I could get up on one now. I'm short now, I was shorter then. True story.

Then when I was 16, I was riding on my then-boyfriend's bicycle handlebars (not the smartest idea, on my part but walking back from the jetty to the picnic spot seemed like too much work), and our friend was on a bicycle in front of us. This was a school trip, and the teacher called to us from the side of the road because it was time to go. Friend stopped, boyfriend did not. I went flying and landed on my face. MY FACE. I broke two teeth, cut up my lips so badly, and scraped most of the skin off the right side of my face. Plus you should've seen the amount of gravel that got stuck in my flesh. Pretty, huh?

Since then, I have not gone near a bicycle and neither have my sisters. The skin healed pretty quickly (ahhh wonderful youth) although for the next year or so, I had a red spot on my cheekbone every time I went for a run. The teeth constantly need to get worked on, which is a pain in the ass but it's so much better than having facial scars.


Aurelia said...

Yeah, the day you came back from the cycling accident, I was horrified from all the blood and the rage in your eyes. Looked like you got into a fight with Godzilla. And lost. I remember thinking, "if that's what happens to someone on a bicycle, I am NEVER going on that devil machine!". Thanks Auds, for all the horrifying memories.

twelfthzodiac said...

wow. started out with some cool bike pics, ended with horror & pain!
your sister's comment made me laugh though...devil machine...hehe


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