October 28, 2011

Brooklyn, Pt. One

As promised, photographs from our trip to Brooklyn. I miss it already. 

This is how we settle into our hotel room. I photograph everything. He ignores me and retreats into iPhone-land. We make it work somehow. 

I think Stinky is probably the hub's idea of heaven. It's stuffed to the gills with cheeses, charcuterie and coffee.

Happy Halloween! Bwahahaha!

I found that there's lots of knitting shops in Brooklyn. Quilting shops, not so much. 

Had dinner at Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches. Really delicious bahn mi at great prices. (Taken with iPhone.)

Insanely delicious artisan ice cream at Van Leeuwen. 

We shared a scoop of the gianduia and it was so good. Not sickly sweet, chock full of hazelnuts and had such a creamy texture. Yum.

And check out the floors at Van Leeuwen :) Love me some hexies.



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