September 26, 2011

Northampton In Pictures. Again.

We went to Northampton. Again. Don't judge.

First stop: BOOKS.

I always thought this cross-stitched portrait of Princess Diana was quite an odd thing to have in a book store. Which is why I like it so much. Especially given my love of cross-stitch versions of pictures. (I cross-stitched American Gothic and Starry Night and they hang in my living room.)

We went to Haymarket Cafe for coffee and actually found an empty table. A super wobbly table (as in if we'd ordered soup, we'd be wearing it), but a table nontheless.

Two coffees and a granola bar. It was SO GOOD. Chockablock with nuts, seeds and chocolate chips, and not too sweet either. Yum.

I love anything with a moustache. Except humans. 

Me, in street sign form. Is it not the shortest sign you ever did see? Why? How? And also, why?

We spotted a whole bunch of knitted things on poles.

The last one is my favourite. It says "be you". Good reminder :)


CitricSugar said...

Yarn bombing - Sweet!

That sign is hilarious. "Free parking strictly enforced"? I've never seen anyone enforce anything other than paid parking or residential permit zones during festival season... Maybe it's short like that so that you can see it while sitting in your car and then there's no excuse. "I couldn't see the sign!" Or it's a perch for birds that are afraid of heights. I'm going with that one.

Linda said...

Love this little town. I must visit someday! OH and I love the package next to the mustache clock. It says Danger Laundry! haha I hate laundry so this really made me laugh! haha

Sewing Geek said...

Have you heard of the LFS (Ladies Fancywork Society)? awesome guerilla yarn tactics.


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