July 8, 2011

My Sisters Knew I Needed Cheering Up

My sisters Averil and Aurelia were blowing up my iPhone with texts (I think there were 26) and since we're on group chat, I'm in on the action too. I finally got a free moment at work to look at my texts and it's Averil informing us that her beloved footy team, the West Coast Eagles, were doing great blah blah because she likes to pretend that we care. 

Averil is obsessed with footy (Australian football) and we don't get it. I mean, okay, watching hot men run around in little shorts is probably a nice way to spend a few hours. But meh, I'd rather sew. So all that stuff made me yawn, but the last bit of the conversation made me laugh out loud. 

(My texts appear on the right side of the screen... they're extremely profound.)

I realise this post is completely inane. It just amuses me greatly because this is how we always talk and I miss that. My friends have informed us that watching the three of us talk to each other is what it must feel like to go crazy :)

And I'm glad they had this crazy back and forth because I seriously needed cheering up today. I still can't get my car fixed because the police report isn't available yet. And to top things off, my car's dead because I stupidly left my lights on when I got to work this morning. Before you think I'm completely useless, it's because I can't use my driver's door. When I left through the passenger door, the bell didn't ding for me to shut off my lights. Okay, so that's pretty stupid but having to go through your passenger door would make anyone irritated and forget their lights. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Wishing I still lived in the city and could just hop on a train. Cars are really not worth the hassle :/

And if someone can tell me what the point of this post was, you know where to reach me. Thanks.


Deb said...

Aren't sisters great?!! What happened to your car? I'm so sorry to hear your driver's door isn't working. I can't imagine having to scoot across the seat. I had a hard enough time when my window wasn't working one time. One never realizes how often they use the driver's side window...until it doesn't work. Drive thru at the bank...toll bridge...fast food...etc. AGH!!


Aurelia said...

Why the hell does a police report take so long to be released?? So poor thing!

Averil said...

Hehe you know you love the Eagles too, you're just too shy to admit it. I'll update you more often to cheer you up more!! *grin*

Oh and your story reminds me of how earlier this week I had to clamber to my backseat from the driver's seat to avoid opening my door because there was the biggest mofo of a grasshopper sitting on my roof 2" from the door.

Not sure if you looked as elegant and composed as I did when you climbed over to your passenger seat *preen*

By the way, good time to go for your regular servicing, since you need to replace the batt anyhow. I go every 6 mths and it's timely since both my interior lights are busted and my cracked engine mount needs replacing... bah!


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