July 23, 2011

Men Probably Are From Mars

We were in the supermarket and I noticed my husband's shirt wasn't quite right...

Me: "Umm, honey... your shirt's inside-out."
Hubs: "Yup."
Me: "It's. Inside. Out."
Hubs: "I know."
Me: "Wait. You knew this and you stepped out in public anyway?"
Hubs: "Yup."
Hubs: "Seems more like your problem than mine."
Me: ".............."

Later he tries to hug me while we're still shopping with his damn shirt still inside-out, and I just couldn't do it without wanting to stab him.


Dana Gaffney said...

My daughter used to chant "boys are from Jupiter because they're stupider". Now that's stuck in my head thank you.

stephanie said...

I love the fact that he is confident enough to intentionally wear his shirt inside out...you'd be bored to tears if he were a sheep and was just like every other man...celebrate his uniqueness!!! LOL!!

Course, I am biased, because if I wear purple EVERYDAY and people think I am weird.

Long live the Weirdos!! HAHHAHAH!!!

Chris said...

Hate to say is but he does have a point. LOL

Alexis Kennedy said...

lolol.. You rock, Audrie!

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

I have to agree with Stephanie and Chris; especially since I still wear some of my t-shirts inside out....in public. :)


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