July 23, 2011

Men Probably Are From Mars

We were in the supermarket and I noticed my husband's shirt wasn't quite right...

Me: "Umm, honey... your shirt's inside-out."
Hubs: "Yup."
Me: "It's. Inside. Out."
Hubs: "I know."
Me: "Wait. You knew this and you stepped out in public anyway?"
Hubs: "Yup."
Hubs: "Seems more like your problem than mine."
Me: ".............."

Later he tries to hug me while we're still shopping with his damn shirt still inside-out, and I just couldn't do it without wanting to stab him.


Marg said...

Lol, yep they are a strange alien race.

Dana Gaffney said...

My daughter used to chant "boys are from Jupiter because they're stupider". Now that's stuck in my head thank you.

stephanie said...

I love the fact that he is confident enough to intentionally wear his shirt inside out...you'd be bored to tears if he were a sheep and was just like every other man...celebrate his uniqueness!!! LOL!!

Course, I am biased, because if I wear purple EVERYDAY and people think I am weird.

Long live the Weirdos!! HAHHAHAH!!!

Chris said...

Hate to say is but he does have a point. LOL

Alexis Kennedy said...

lolol.. You rock, Audrie!

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

I have to agree with Stephanie and Chris; especially since I still wear some of my t-shirts inside out....in public. :)


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