June 18, 2011

Saturday In Pictures

The hubs waiting in line to order at our favourite Mexican place.

Hello :)

I don't know what that teacup thing is supposed to be, but I know I want it.

I love this bit of the wall in the used bookstore.

The hubs, exasperated that he can't remember a book title.

He ended up buying an original pressing of the So LP by Peter Gabriel. Awesome find.

We shared a cannoli at a wonderful Italian bakery called La Fiorentina. It was SO good.

All in all, a great day was had.

Plus today I taught my first quilting class, and even though I was nervous before, I had so much fun teaching :)


Angela Nash said...

That looks like the best day! So much fun was had, but I want to hear all about how your class went!

mascanlon said...

Looks like a very fun day. I love teaching too, once I'm prepared, pattern prepped and every ready to go.

Averil said...

Horchata? Fish tacos? Mmmmm....


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