June 8, 2011

Questions, Anyone?

I just realised it's been almost a year since I asked if anyone had questions for me to answer. I quite enjoyed it the last time, so I'm going to ask again if you have questions for me.

You're most welcome to ask whatever you like, whether it's related to the blog, my life etc. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can, but if I deem something too personal, I won't answer.

(And if the question's too freaking demented, you either go on the Potential New Best Friend List or the Shit List. There's a fine line between the two...)

Ask away!

** Answers to the first round of questions can be found here and here. **


Linda said...

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?

stephanie said...

re: your Post, "more hexagons...for mum!"

The striped fabric with hexagons pinned to it, is in some sort of frame, keeping it taut....what is that?

Thank you!

MamaLiza said...

Where are the answers to your last questions? lol...I really just want to know how you and the hubby met. :) I'm a romantic!

Sandra said...

do you travel back to Singapore and Australia?

Aureliaaaaaaaaaaa said...

If a dragon and godzilla were to do battle, which do you think would win? And would I be able to keep them as pets?

Dana Gaffney said...

You were raised in Singapore? so how did Australia come into play? Did you have Ragdolls before or did you just fall in love and find out after how wonderful they are? How many questions do we get?

Lisa said...

So where did you get the fabulous sense of humor?? Wit and charm??

Anonymous said...

What do you wear if you don't wear jeans? Lol.. I asked this question a while back somewhere. Lost in comments limbo.

Michelle said...

Hi from Queensland Audrie!! What is the thing you miss most about Australia? If you can pick just one that is :-)

Averil said...

Which is your favourite pattern, after the 1000 Pyramind one that you made for me of course. Where do you get the inspiration for the patterns and colours?

anne said...

1. How long did you live in Austraia - if you did that is.
2. What location in Singapore is your favourite.
3. What is your all time fabric
4. What sewing machine do you like
5. What is your favourite mucis
6. What is your fav food.
7. What do you like most about living in USA
8. Do you like vegemite
9. Do you have a go to pattern when you want to make a quilt.
10. What is your design process.
11. What cotton do you use
12. Do you wash your fabbie
13. Do you have heaps of rulers/templates
14. Do you knit
15. are you sick of my questions yet hahaha
16. Do you drive a manual or automatic
17. What would be your favourite holiday destination
18. What is your favourite colour
19. Do you put on makeup everyday and then do the whole cleansing thing at the end of the day
20. Are you sick of my questions yet hahahaha
21. What is your favourite food
22. What is your favourite recipe
23. Do you have a favourite song
24. How long have you been married
25. How did you meet your hubby
26. Do you love working
27. Where do you work
28. Do you like summer or winter
29. Can you ski
30. run out of questions


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