June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Grandma

My grandma would've been 85 today. 85 years young :)

Dearest Ma,

I'm sure you know your third great-grandchild was born yesterday. I told everyone to tell Carrie* to keep her legs crossed and wait one more day so the little bub could share your birthdate. I was told to shut up. I don't like them anymore. I like you though.

I miss you, and I love you. I know you're with me everywhere I go, and I'm going to smile today because you should be celebrated with happiness and not tears. Say hi to Kong** for me.

Love always,

* Carrie is my cousin who's the bride in the picture above.
** Kong is what we called our grandpa.
*** Dawn is what my family calls me. A Chinese name that my Dad turned into an English name so as to confuse everyone. Thanks Dad.


Pepe said...

Great, lovely day. You made me think about my grandma, and a pair of tears. I read of a blogger, once, who celebrate her grandma's birthday living hoe she would living the day: halping someone, smiling ofthes, creating somthing, charming herself and the people she love.
Near to you, todey.
pepe XXX

Kathy MacKie said...

They are always close to our hearts. That is why we sometimes remember them with a tear or two.

grandmarockton said...

So lovely for you to REMEMBER her, as a Grandma I hope I'm remebered too!

Averil said...

@grandmarockton everyone loves and remembers their grandmas with great fondness, without a doubt you will be too, but lets hope your grandchildren will have you around for many many years =)

aud, we are so lucky to have the best mamas ever...


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