May 2, 2011

Weekend In Pictures

We took a little trip to Ikea this weekend (not sure why Saturday + Ikea = Good idea) and I got a few things. Fabric of course.

And I spotted this beautiful book on textiles for $9.99... at that price, it was almost wrong not to get it!

It does seem a bit like a prettied up Ikea catalogue, but it's got beautiful pictures and great ideas.

On Sunday we went to Northampton for lunch, and also because I had to return a dress at Urban Outfitters that I stupidly bought without trying and got home only to find that it made me look even shorter and stouter than I already am. Good job, dress.

Anyway outside UO we saw these tulips (I think?) and I had to take a picture because they're giant and gorgeous! Audience participation: Does anyone know what kind they are?

Everywhere you go around these parts, you're met with these insanely beautiful dogwood (I think?) pear trees in full bloom.

We have one in the backyard that is just breath-taking but the hubs always wants to stab it when the flowers fall hehe I think it's worth the raking... but then again it ain't me doing the raking! :)


Angela Nash said...

Some of my favorite type of tulips!

And it looks like the trees are pears...They're in full force here right now, too. But many are a bit stinky!


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