April 25, 2011

Soul Sisters

My friend Shauna and I were going to head to the city today but we didn't want to have to battle the rain clouds, so we stayed home and went to lunch instead.

Nom nom nom :)

We only met this past new year's eve, but we've become fast friends. Mostly because we realise we're the same person. It's borderline creepy how similar we are...

1. We're both 5ft nothing.
2. We both have dark hair.
3. We both studied arts, had corporate jobs and dropped them for completely different things. She makes cakes, I quilt.
4. We both moved to CT for our men... she was in LA, I was in Australia.
5. We both drove PT Cruisers. Well she still has hers, with Cali plates. I sold mine when I moved here.
6. Neither of us wear jeans. Ever.
7. We love all things black and skulls.
8. We're very friendly with our black eyeliner. And no lipstick.
9. We're obsessed with baking.

The list goes on. It's really quite remarkable.


Angela Nash said...

And it looks like you both blog your yummy food :)

Regina said...

I'm so jealous! I haven't even made any friends here yet let alone anyone who is similar to me. I am also so jealous of that food. Yum!

I live in jeans. Do you girls wear skirts then or slacks? Just curious. My SIL when I first met her had never so much as tried on a pair of jeans or sneakers. I couldn't believe it.

Bobbie said...

How lucky you are to have found such a good friend with whom you can share your time!

Averil said...

hehehe when you say you don't wear jeans, it makes me think you're one of those 9 billion Duggar daughters who only wear sister-wife outfits... >=D


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