March 24, 2011

Something In The Water

I've been choosing fabric for baby quilts like it's a full-time job. It's difficult to choose when you either don't know what the colours are, or if the parents tell you to do 'whatever'. Which is both fun and nightmarish hehe

This one's obviously for a girl... I pulled the Heather Bailey fabrics I'd squirreled away, and stuck a green and white dot, and Kona Ash (I wouldn't be me if I didn't break out the Kona Ash...).

I finally decided on a 1000 Pyramids pattern and removed a couple of the fabrics from the pile.

And this one's for a boy... yes, that's Kona Ash you see there. Don't judge.

I'm going to keep it all solids and use this pattern. I don't know why I don't break out that pattern more often because it is mega awesome.


Amber said...

Love the Freshcut - can't wait to see it!

Lisa ONeill said...

Both quilts will be beautiful - I especially love the solids you pulled for the boy quilt and the pattern you've chosen. I too am working on 2 baby quilts right now - a boy (1 year) and girl (4 months) --- I'm running behind as usual! It happens - my husband is one of 11 and I'm one of 6 --- seems there's always a baby lurking around somewhere waiting on a quilt.

mascanlon said...

Can't wait to see these finished. You reminded me I have a FQ stash of Freshcut stashed away too!

tarabu said...

I adore *that* pattern, too!


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