March 31, 2011

Open Your Eyes

This morning I got a call from the hubs who insisted he couldn't find his travel mug anywhere and would I please look for it and let him know if I found it.

It took me a nanosecond.


Because, there it is. In the dishrack. The second you walk into the kitchen.

Oh, honey :)


mascanlon said...

It is funny how we can look right past things! For me its usually my glasses.

Lara said...

LOL. My hubs is the same... wait 'til you've got mini hubs x2 who do the exact same thing... thank god my brain is well trained to notice and observe and remember everything.

Dana Gaffney said...

That is such a male thing, gotta love them.

tarabu said...

wow, yesterday in our house it was the tissues:
Me: honey, do you know where the tissues are?
him: looking to his left, at the counter, where I couldn't see, 'No.'
me: walking around him to the stove, seeing the tissues by his left elbow and wanting to hit him.

Beth J said...

With me, it was my stepson who would ask me where something was, was insistent that I would know where it was. He would ask of course while in his room, while I was in the kitchen, down the hall and through 4 or 5 walls. Did he think I had x-ray vision? He must of, because he would do it all the time. Maybe he just thought I was that good. :)


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