March 8, 2011

I See Dead Grass

The snow is melting! We can see grass and the possibility of Spring!

The grass looks completely dead, but it's grass nonetheless! I'm sure it'll come back to life once Spring arrives... until then it's a shade I like to call 'swamp'.

I haven't seen or stood on my back deck for over a month. It's been covered in a mountain of snow, and for the most part, we couldn't even open the back door. Of course I tried. Stupid things amuse me.

But the melting snow uncovered our poor snapped bushes on either side of our front steps. Boo.

Snapped and mangled :(

But we really don't have cause to complain because our neighbour has (or had, as the case may be) a long row of big, beautiful evergreens that have all snapped under the weight of ice and snow. Now THAT really sucks.

And the hubs thinks the shrub on the end is permanently flattened. I really, really hope not.



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