March 14, 2011

Covering Your Behind

Dinner tonight was something I pulled out of my rear end. Not literally. Because that would be disgusting.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy a box of pasta shell things, and even though they're not exotic, I'd never made stuffed shells before. Then today I had ricotta and spinach on hand, so I made a sauce and stuffed some shells. They're not difficult to make, but boy are they annoying and tedious.

Anyway, while I was cooking, I wasn't quite sure how all this was going to taste, so I had to cover my behind a little.

Me: "Umm honey? If this doesn't taste good, it's not my fault, k?"
Hubs: "Err yeah... okay... I'll just blame the person who made it..."
Me: "Awesome. Phew!"
Hubs: "Come on, how can it not be good? It's basically lasagna in shell form."

He loved it so much he ate seven shells hehe It was pretty good, and I'll probably make this again but I'll try thickening my sauce.

Anything you slap cheese on will most likely be good, no? :)


Angela Nash said...

mmmm - that's one of my favorite dinners!

Suzie said...

that looks fabulous!

CaryManda said...

nomnom!how'd you make your sauce?

Carolyn said...

Yummm! They look delicious!

Averil said...

i thought you were gonna write about another reason why you have to cover your bottom in the kitchen!


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