February 28, 2011

Catching Up... And A New Addiction

I finally got caught up on my Bee Beautiful blocks! I've been so scattered for the last couple of months that I'd completely forgotten about my December blocks for Stephanie. Thankfully she was very understanding, and I promised I'd have them done by Monday.

It's Monday today, right? Good. Phew :)

And while I was talking to my sisters on WhatsApp, they were talking about how our Mum's completely addicted to Boggle on my little sister's iPad while visiting her in Australia. She now wants Dad to get her an iPad so she can continue her addiction.

I said to my sisters I'd thought about getting the Boggle app, and about two seconds later, found myself installing it.

My entire morning's shot, and my afternoon looks sketchy, at best. Sigh.

Really, really didn't need this...


CaryManda said...

i'm a little sucker for soduku and pigshot right now.
teehee :)

Stephanie said...

My hubs just got an iphone and every time I look at him he's playing a game. But that's ok, the more he's looking at that the less he'll notice the packages of fabric coming in, haha. Love the blocks, thanks!!

jaime said...

I Boggle ap???? Installing now.

Leslie said...

My BF just got an iPad and i've controlled myself and haven't even touched it yet...getting harder and harder. Wish I hadn't seen this post!


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