January 18, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

The last few days have been filled with friends, family and every day-ness. I needed to do ordinary things like the cooking and laundry, and sewing, of course. I didn't cry all of yesterday. I haven't cried today.

The hubs has been great, making me laugh when I needed a laugh, holding me in silence when I needed a hug :) And also, he's addicted to Angry Birds. That's the face of pure frustration, my friends.

We went over to a friend's place for pizza and TV over the weekend. A bunch of friends came by too, and all we did was eat, chat and watch TV. It helped more than they could imagine.

And I've been keeping myself busy with a quilt my sister asked for. I figured if I could finish it and bring it to her when I visit Singapore, that'd be aces. And if I can finish my other sister's quilt too, double aces. Plus I'd probably finish the binding in Singapore so I have something to do.

(Umm please don't look too closely. It looks like a bomb went off in my studio...)

Again, I thank everyone for your emails, txts and messages of condolences and prayers. You're my people, and it means so much to me.


Amber said...

Sounds like a great plan to keep you busy and your mind occupied...and we are addicted to Angry Birds too - Hubby is trying to beat all the levels now with 3 stars :-)

Aurelia said...



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